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The Lifeworks Program

The Spiral

Identify and clear a whole bunch of limiting stories, beliefs, behaviours and conditioning that are currently standing in your way.

We take these narratives on in childhood, as we attempt to attach meaning to our experiences. As we grow into adulthood, they almost inevitably cause problems in our relating, both to ourselves and others. This process clears the emotional charge on the stories that are currently running our reality and re-wires the brain to be able to create from a neutral state.

Developed by Dane Tomas, the work of The Spiral combines elements of Spiral Dynamics, Kinesiology, the TCM Meridians, The 5 Bodies, Human Consciousness measurement, NLP, Coaching and the Chakra System (as it relates to personal evolution).

This process dramatically shifts perception and clears many of the blocks that are hindering your achieving greater success in life.

follow up coaching, to ensure that you can use the tools you are given to create and sustain real change in your life.

The Spiral Foundation Program

This is a ten week program, including the seven levels of the Spiral, with 3 additional sessions to help you consolidate the experience, and feel supported to develop new strategies for the life you want to consciously create.

Individual sessions are delivered one-on-one, via an online connection such as Skype. The program can also be delivered in person (in Melbourne), and deepened by adding my special bodywork to the process, which releases on a whole other level.

What is The Spiral?

The Spiral is essentially a rapid personal development tool. Although its focus is on clearing emotional baggage and blocks from the body as deeply and quickly as possible, the potential which the Spiral opens up is much more than just "letting go of old shit".

Designed by Dane Tomas in 2012, the primary intention of this work is to permanently raise the recipient's level of consciousness and self love, and connect them to their highest self. This is achieved by removing the blocks to our natural human ability to grow mentally, spiritually and physically and letting the intelligence of the body do the rest.

How does it work?

Spiral combines the most powerful personal transformation techniques and healing modalities together, and utilises a powerful process called "root clearing" to remove sabotaging patterns (that we're often not even aware of until they are gone). Each of the seven Spiral sessions has a particular theme, leading to the next level, and clearing specific emotions, giving us access to aspects of ourselves that have been limited by our childhood conditioning, or blocked due to trauma or faulty beliefs.

The 7 levels of The Spiral

LEVEL ONE: The Physical - Deserving & Worth

LEVEL TWO: The Emotional - Creativity & Connection

LEVEL THREE: The Ego - Power & Achievement

LEVEL FOUR: The Heart - Love & Order

LEVEL FIVE: The Voice - Expression & Leadership

LEVEL SIX: The Mind - Clarity & Receptiveness

LEVEL SEVEN: The Spirit - Higher Self

Who is it for?

Spiral is for anyone who's ever experimented with any form of self development or ever attempted to change their behaviour, and is looking for a faster, more permanent way to evolve themselves and empower all areas of their life. It's especially for anyone who wants to experience more love, confidence, financial abundance, purpose or vitality, and for anyone who's ready to get out of their own way and experience a more effortless unfolding of their full potential.

Who is it not for?

It's not for anyone who secretly wants to stay the same. For those who follow the process and commit to the work involved, Spiral is an unparalleled opportunity to shed old baggage and reinvent our selves. If you're not ready for change - it's not for you.

It's also not recommended for anyone currently on anti-depressants or suffering from mental health issues. If this is you - please obtain written permission from your doctor before doing this work.

Re-Wiring Faulty Beliefs

We can delve into and clear limiting belief systems, such as "you can't be successful and have friends" or "you can have money or love, but not both", etc. We can clear the way for you to have whatever you desire using the Quadrant process.

Quantum Clearing

The "Mac Daddy" of the clearing processes. Imagine being able to totally change the way that you perceive and relate to significant people in your life! What might it free you to be able to do and achieve, if you no longer experienced them as limiting influences?

Mum and Dad are usually the first two Quantum clears recommended, post-Spiral, as they inform our entire masculine/feminine construct, and how we do intimate relationships and parenting. Cleaning up all of the things in them that we judge, repress, or feel we don't measure up to, frees us to step into our full genetic potential. It also cleans up our ability to relate to them, without the old stories, triggers and baggage.

From here, we can clear other significant influences, such as ex-partners, abusers, mentors or even our own wounded inner child. Quantum Clearing a celebrity or historical figure can be a very powerful way to step into areas that currently challenge us. People who embody traits that either repel us, or that we aspire to are great to explore, as we neutralise all of our judgements with this process. Our unconscious fear of becoming what we judge, holds us back a great deal more than most people realise.

You could be free to step into your full expression, free to explore all of the qualities you may desire to embody. A gap of at least 4 weeks is suggested between Quantum Clears. These are very powerful sessions.

The Person Clear

A mini version of the Quantum Clear, for those who haven't yet completed Spiral. It will clear the lines between you and another person, and a whole heap of judgements that are probably holding you back from being who you want to be around them.

Wealth Resonance Clearing

Ever noticed that no matter how hard you try to build wealth, you just can't seem to get past a certain point? Like there's an invisible ceiling on how much you can accumulate, before you lose it to unforseen expenses or circumstances. If you've noticed a cycle of build and lose with your money, and still haven't cracked your money blocks, maybe this is for you?

Allow 2 hours for this intensive session , which will measure and raise your wealth resonance (so that you can energetically hold more wealth), and clear up a heap of unhelpful beliefs and judgements about wealth and money. Follow up tasks are suggested to embed healthy, new wealth habits.

Special rate for low income earners

Manifestation Session

Clear all of the lines between you and your goal. A comprehensive set of clears to reveal all of the hidden blocks standing between you and the outcome you want.

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The Spiral

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