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Body Work

Transformational healing work for physical and mental/emotional trauma

Body Centred Trauma Release

Are you sick of being in pain?

When nothing else works, I can help.

Even if you've been like this for 15 years! Stress related tightness in your upper back and neck. Lack of movement and "frozen shoulders" from carrying emotional burdens and the debilitating pain in your back, compounded by years of feeling unsupported.

Gentle release of cellular memory and ingrained injury patterns. Body tissue can be re-educated. No matter how old or resistant your condition is. The connective tissue that wraps around every structure and all through your body, needs a very specific technique to engage and release it. It is simply not addressed in other types of bodywork, which is most likely the reason it has not fully resolved, despite lots of treatment.

We can also shift grief and trauma (sexual abuse, emotional/mental abuse, physical abuse or accident) from the body. There is no need to recall anything about the incidents. You don't need to talk about it or re-live it. You can just let it go. This is great for people who find psychotherapy or counseling sessions a challenge (or traumatic in themselves). Telling your story CAN be an important step in healing, but only when you are ready. This technique may help you to get there in a very safe, supportive and non-threatening way.

Specialist Fascia Release work

Myofascial release works with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and can re-trace and unwind the pathways that led to your current state. It can find and release the root cause of your pain. It is both more thorough and less painful than other types of Remedial bodywork. It is actually damn relaxing and most clients float out of their sessions, feeling serene and loose.

Working on the physical and energetic levels at the same time means that we can also work more deeply and more effectively.

This is VERY DIFFERENT to other techniques.

We follow the priority of the body, and allow it to set the pace, so it is usually happy to co-operate and rarely reverts back once it is released.

images/ufbodywork.jpgI chose to develop my work via this Remedial technique, so that you can claim for your visits, but this is no ordinary bodywork!

Gentle enough for fibromyalgia sufferers. Non-invasive enough for people who don't really like to be touched.

Discrete, safe and deeply nurturing.

Gentle - Intuitive - Effective We can also integrate the work of The Spiral, to fundamentally change and re-wire your responses to emotional triggers, belief systems and even specific people or concepts (see below).

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy Bowen is a profoundly gentle and holistic system of body work. Sometimes, I will integrate Bowen procedures into your session, where appropriate. Specific moves are made directly over muscle structures and tendons, and therapeutic vibrations are initiated via the Meridians, stimulating the body's innate ability to realign and heal itself.

Like strumming a guitar.. vibration on the strings produces different musical notes, depending on where fingers are placed.

Bowen works a little like that and communicates directly with your body's different functioning systems. The resonance of the "chords" we play at each session continue to work for around a week after your treatment.

Bowen is brilliant for muscle and joint pain and certain types of injury, and can significantly improve recovery from injury. If addressed immediately, results can seem almost miraculous!

If you've had an injury or condition for a long time, then please understand that it will probably also take time to resolve. Clients usually feel significant improvement within 2~4 treatments. As with your car, regular maintenance helps keep you on track and pain free. In addition to muscles and tendons, Bowen has an affect on the whole body. Promoting general well-being and addressing many complaints such as insomnia, constipation, stress, asthma, scoliosis, stroke, ADD, migraines, PMS and more.

Bowen is also very relaxing, incredibly gentle and non-invasive. It complements my other work well.

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