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by Colin Warnock
Published Jun 30 2016

Dear Ursula

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the amazing results you have achieved for my serious disc bulge.

Recently I experienced an episode of back pain that had me admitted into St Vincent's Hospital presenting with very little feeling in the trunk and inner legs and no strength to support myself on my legs.

After being admitted and a barrage of tests it was decided that I had a severe disc bulge that was restricting nerve functions to the lower extremities causing pain and in particular weakness in the legs. The surgeons had made the decision given the lack of sensation and the general weakness in the legs radical surgery was required to replace the damaged disc.

I was very concerned about the recovery process and the fact that no guarantee could be given that no permanent spinal damage would occur during the surgical procedure. It was at this stage and upon advice from my partner (a medical professional) that I would hold off on surgery for a month to give myself a little time to try a number of alternatives that I had been advised had been very successful in the treatment of severe disc bulges.

I was referred to Ursula and her method of treatment which I found to be gentle yet effective so I didn't feel the pain of physio work or massaging. It was around the second week that whilst I still had some discomfort and numbness I was moving with greater ease and a lot less pain.

It was shortly after this that I returned to Private Training Sessions to perform strengthening of the muscles so as to support my injury. I strongly feel that this would not have been possible if I had not attended regular sessions with Ursula.

It has now been five weeks and I can confidently state that I feel no lower back pain at all and I can comfortably stretch touching my toes with no pain or loss of sensation. Whilst not all of the sensation has fully returned I strongly believe in time the nerves will recover now that my injury is slowly gaining strength through exercise, diet and maintaining flexibility.

In summation I would like to recommend to others that maybe suffering from similar symptoms to try Ursula's treatments as they do actually work on calming the body down from state of heightened pain to a dull ache. It is with this thought in mind most of us chronic pain sufferers can regain our mobility which allows us to return to our daily lives with a lot more confidence and a lot less pain.

Whilst I cannot state that it can cure all forms of injury I can assure you that it will for 90 minutes put your body at peace which in itself will help strengthen your mind as we all know pain weakens all of us over time and prescription medications only masks the problem further and in some cases can give you a false sense of mobility which can in itself be dangerous.

If like me you found that your options were minimal and you felt as though surgery was your only option I put it to you that you have nothing to lose by at least trying this treatment, I think we all owe it to ourselves to exhaust all options before invasive surgeries and other excessive treatments. I would like to say at this stage that I did keep in constant contact with my medical practitioner to measure my progress as far as in movement, pain management and sensitivity, all of which improved markedly.

Thank You Ursula

Colin Warnock

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