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Ursula Faye offers something truly unique, with her body-centred trauma release work. Combining body and energy work, with cutting edge emotional clearing techniques and coaching/mentoring, it is genuinely transformational.

Every experience and word spoken to you is stored in your cellular memory. The load of negative and traumatic experiences, if not addressed can contribute to serious illness. Therefore, any form or counselling or therapy undertaken to heal, should also address the body to facilitate the release of this load. Sometimes the body needs to release its story before any talking can occur at all.

Many who suffer childhood trauma develop serious illnesses later in life, often with a lot of physical pain, restricted movement and low energy. Many stories remain untold, because they are either too distressing to re-live, or they are unable to be accessed by the conscious mind. When we gently release what is stored in the body, via the myofascial network, a greater sense of lightness and ease is felt. The nervous system is calmed, muscles and joints are loosened, sleep comes easier and anxiety is lessened. Much can be released under Ursula's gentle touch, at the pace required by the client. A more powerful and specific release of emotional blocks and baggage can be achieved with Dane Tomas' Advanced Clearing technology [ see lifework ].

Physical injuries which are not responding adequately to other methods, may also be better resolved by the more gentle myofascial technique [ see articles ].

Located in Carlton, Brunswick and Balwyn North in Melbourne, Australia.

Spiral sessions and coaching can also be accessed online.

Life work - professional coaching and mentoring services for heart centred, personal and spiritual transformation

Life Work

Self Esteem / Boundary work
Belief System Re-wires and Sabotage Pattern dismantling
The Spiral process

Body work - intuitive remedial massage and Bowen therapy, a communion with the muscles allowing them to guide me

Body Work

Intuitive Myofascial Bodywork and Bowen Therapy
Grounded Energy Work
Cellular memory and trauma release

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